106- Onat T, Mindan E: Congenital Diverticula of the Cardiac Ventricles. IX. World Congress of Cardiology, Abtracts, Moscow, 1: 993, 1982.

İki kendi vak'ası dahil olmak üzere son 150 yılda yayınlanan 69 kongenital ventrikül divertikül vak'ası incelenip derlenmiştir. Bunlar orta hat defekti olanlar ve olmayanlar tarzında ikiye ayrılmıştır. Orta hat defekti olanlarda anterior diyafragma, perikard, alt sternum defektleri birlikte gitmiş ve kalpte dekstroversiyon olduğu ortaya çıkmıştır. Orta hat defekti olmayanlarda divertikül daha ziyade fibröz dokudan müteşekkil olup, pulzasyon sonucu ortaya çıkmaktadır.

69 cases of congenital ventricular diverticula published in the last 150 years, including their own patients were evaluated. The pathologic anatomic findings were presented in a table. The diverticulum was usually muscular and originated in 46 from the LV apex. In two patients origin was RV and in another two from both ventricles. In 7 the diverticulum structure was either fibro-muscular or fibrous. The above mentioned 57 patients had no mid-line defects.
In those with mid-line defects (origin LV in 11 of 12 patients) the diverticulum is a part of a syndrome in which defects of the anterior diaphragm, pericardium, lower sternum and of heart as well as umbilical herniation are frequently involved. Dextroversion with meso- or dextrocardia is a characteristic feature. Clinical, radiologic, ECG and angioCG features, prognosis and operative results are presented

106- Anahtar kelimeler: Kongenital ventrikül divektikülleri, Cantrell pentalojisi.